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Get to Know the New Google Channel from Codisto Channel Cloud

The Google Channel is now available for Codisto Channel Cloud alongside market-leading Amazon, eBay and Walmart integrations. Discover five reasons why the new Google channel is the most powerful Google integration for Shopify, BigCommerce and WooCommerce.

#1 Hassle-free Google Account Creation and GMC Sync with Codisto ChannelCheck™ Flow

Codisto ChannelCheck™ Flow for Google makes it easy to create and connect your Google Ads and Google Merchant Center Accounts with automated domain verification and conversion tracking implementation.

With Channel Cloud’s quick, step-by-step ChannelCheck™ Flow, all you need to do is setup a Google Merchant Center account, connect it to Channel Cloud, and Codisto can then automate the creation of a Google Ads account and do all the coding setup required to claim your store domain on GMC and implement full analytics and tracking conversion for your products on Google.

These quick and easy pre-flight checks let you set up your payment and shipping preferences for Google before you connect and start listing your products, allowing for easy automation. And once connected, with Codisto SmartSync™ your product details, pricing and inventory are synced in 100% real-time with Google Merchant Center, so you can say goodbye to periodic data feeds!

#2 Automated Listings on Google Search, the Google Shopping Tab and Across Google Surfaces

With Channel Cloud’s Google integration, once you’ve connected your product catalog to Google with the easy ChannelCheck™ flow setup, your products will automatically be uploaded to Google Merchant Centre and be eligible to be shown as product listings on Google Search, the Google Shopping tab and on Surfaces Across Google like Google Images and Google Lens, and you can create even more detail-rich ‘enhanced listings’ that further the number of free listing placements your products are eligible for across Google’s network.  

The Google Channel even supports new ‘Buy on Google’ listings with universal checkout, meaning shoppers can buy your products and complete yourself directly from your listings on the Google Shopping tab.  

Your Google presence isn’t limited by geography either – you can sell in any country, from any store currency.

#3 Hands-off Product Listing Ads with Automated Google Smart Shopping Campaigns

Fully automated Google Shopping Smart Campaigns let you reach millions of new customers across Google’s network with Product Listings Ads, and all you need to do to kickstart your campaigns is select a daily budget for your ad spend and Channel Cloud will run automated campaigns, intelligently optimized for returns and conversion.

Once you’ve opted in to Smart Shopping campaigns, your Product Listing Ads will be served to potential new customers with targeted, premium placements across Google’s network, like at the top of search results on Google Search, Google Images and the Google Shopping tab, on the Google Display Network, and even on YouTube and Gmail.

Channel Cloud’s Google Channel features full real-time sync with Google Merchant Center, so you’re never paying for ads on out-of-stock products, and your listings are kept up-to-date and accurate at all times, including local inventory ads that showcase your products and store information to nearby shoppers, and responsive display ads that combine listing assets from your products to create new ads to be displayed on even more surfaces.

With Channel Cloud, you can set a target ROAS for your Google Smart Shopping campaigns. A target ROAS lets you choose a “Return on Ad Spend” target for your smart campaigns to optimize for, telling the powerful machine-learning algorithms that power your campaigns how much you as an advertiser expect to receive in revenue for every dollar you spend. With target ROAS and the ability to set daily budgets, your in complete control of how much you want to invest into advertising in Google, allowing you to start small with a budget you are comfortable, and scale your activity up as you begin to see results, with no time wasted manually creating and optimizing ads; with Channel Cloud, it’s all just a few clicks away!

#4 Create, Manage & Optimize Google Listings and Listing Ads

The new Google Channel offers the same three unique listing modes that have made listing on sales channels like Amazon and eBay with Channel Cloud so popular, including the Codisto XpressGrid spread-sheet style interface that lets you search and filter across your entire product catalog and list and manage products in bulk.

Channel Cloud lets you get the most out of your listings on Google by managing and optimizing fields like titles and descriptions for maximum discoverability and click-through, with product-level category mapping and the ability to map and edit all Google listing fields.

#5 Sell on Google Alongside Leading Global Sales Channels

With Codisto Channel Cloud, you can list and promote your products on Google alongside global Amazon, eBay and Walmart sales channels, directly from your online store, all from one powerful multichannel app.

  • Powerful listing automation across three unique listing modes.
  • Full real-time sync for inventory, pricing and product details between all connected sales channels.
  • Receive sales channel orders directly in your ecommerce platform with fully-integrated multichannel order flow.
  • Codisto Channel Cloud is ‘launch ready’ meaning there is no re-platforming and no data source migration. Stick with your existing ecommerce platform, add Codisto Channel Cloud and sell more today!

The new Google Channel is available now through Codisto Channel Cloud for Shopify, BigCommerce and WooCommerce, and new and existing merchants can connect to Google and start listing their products at no additional cost.

Learn more about Codisto Channel Cloud, or start your free 14-day trial by installing Channel Cloud from Shopify, BigCommerce or WooCommerce today!

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