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Stand Out with Branded Shipping

Discover how branded shipping helps your brand connect customers and stand out in the crowd.

There is a lot of buzz around branding. It is a business’ personality– encompassing your values, product, customer experience, etc. Your brand is how customers will remember your company and it will influence their decision to buy from you again. 64% of consumers cite shared values as the primary reason they relate to a brand. You might be sick of hearing about branding- but its importance is undeniable, and its role in marketing is here to stay. Controlling the customer experience from start to finish is essential for branding well. Branded shipping keeps you connected with the customer, even after they purchase.

Where can I brand my shipping?

Companies dedicated to their brand invest time and resources into their social media, brick & mortar stores, and websites. Oftentimes, this is as far as the branding extends. Once the customer has made the purchase, your job is done! Right?

There are a few crucial touch points for the customer even after the purchase is over. The checkout page should be in line with your brand- using your colors, fonts, logos, and personality. A branded checkout page looks more professional and potentially more trustworthy than a generic checkout page. The customer wants to buy from your company, not an unfamiliar webpage. The purchase point is an important moment for your customer relationship, make sure you make a positive impression.

Next, and maybe most importantly– you need a branded tracking page. ShipStation knows that a successful shipping process involves more than promptly printed labels, which is why we created the branded tracking page and returns portal.

Giving your customers the ability to track their packages is essential for building a trusting and reliable relationship. A study by OSM Worldwide shows that 40% of customers track their package every day before it arrives. This is a huge opportunity for customers to interact with your brand. On average, customers need five or seven interactions with your brand before they remember it. Your tracking page is an easy touchpoint for customers, and easy place for you to keep your brand consistent and memorable.

Returns are a reality of ecommerce. Customers feel safer buying a product online if they know they can return it easily, with no extra charge. For the same reasons for having a branded checkout, make sure your returns are branded as well. This gives your customers a more consistent, trustworthy experience.

Think about the last time you opened a package. Was it memorable? You can probably recall a time you opened a memorable package. It most likely had an extra element of care– a handwritten note, pretty (non-messy) confetti, a gift card, a sample, etc. These added touches give the consumer an emotional connection to your brand, even before they enjoy the product.

How does this help me stand out?

Providing quality products is most likely your focus, and for good reason. But you are not the only one providing quality products. Especially when selling through marketplaces, it’s crucial to stand out and make your brand’s value known. Connecting with the customer can help you retain loyalty from people who are just shopping for a product to fit their needs. Give them a great experience, make your brand known, and you’re more likely to gain a relationship.

It’s easy to overlook shipping. It is seen as one of the least glamorous parts of the ecommerce process- but it doesn’t have to be this way. Branding your shipping process creates a more complete, streamlined experience for your customer. In a world filled with social media and constant visual stimuli, the experience has never been so important. ShipStation knows how little time you have to waste when running your business, which is why we’ve made it easy to brand your shipping process. ShipStation is excited to partner with Codisto and help you sell and ship more efficiently!

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