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eBay Fulfillment Launches in Australia

After becoming the first eBay marketplace to actively ban sellers using Amazon’s FBA service to outsource their shipping and logistics, eBay Australia have further set themselves apart from the rest of eBay’s global family by being the first to offer their own third-party fulfillment offering through partnerships with Australia Post and Fulfilio.

Much like the FBA model championed by millions of 3P sellers on Amazon, the new fulfilment service offers both warehousing and delivery of sellers’ products listed on eBay making it particularly attractive to SMBs looking to scale their ecommerce without the need for heavy investment in warehousing and logistics.

Rates will start at $5.47 for picking, packing and delivering within the same city and move north based on weight and distance.

Time will tell if we’ll see a similar offering in other countries, but with the heavy long-term investment Amazon has put into it’s network of fulfillment centres and delivery operators it is difficult to imagine eBay will have much success competing with the dominance of Amazon’s FBA service.

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