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Amazon Launches App Marketplace for Sellers

With a growing list of third-party solutions available for Amazon sellers it was somewhat an inevitability that Amazon would seek out a way to legitimize the space. Enter the newly launched Marketplace Appstore, providing a central point for approved apps using the Amazon Marketplace Web Service API and providing Amazon centric ecommerce solutions to be showcased.

Ecommerce platforms like Magento and Shopify have long taken a similar tact but consolidating third-party solution providers into a curated app store is new to the major marketplaces.

The launch is currently in beta with only a small number of apps being made available to some sellers via the Seller Central portal.

Amongst the limited number of apps already available on the app store are data intelligence tool Teikametrics and Seller Labs, which offers a suite of marketing tools for Amazon sellers.

Whilst a date for full public roll out has yet to be announced, select merchants will start to see the app store pop up in their Seller Central feed in the comings weeks, so be sure to keep an eye out.



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